Circling Venice

A shameless plug for my collection, available on The story of my migration to California, and the story of how Carol and I came to be together. It’s really inexpensive!!! Feel free to purchase, write a review, etc etc.

Circling Venice

Here is a teaser:

<!–[if supportFields]> TC  California Orbits” <![endif]–><!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–>California Orbits
we were comets hurtling
in great eccentric orbits
so close in Veniceyears before
flying fast at periapsis
then speeding off again up Highway 101
distance measured by the plains of Camarillo
speed measured by the beat of the Cumbia
the trumpets blaring in sweaty Oxnard bars
finally the endless outer reaches
tiny houses by the farm fields of Ventura
searching through Kepler’s laws
waiting for gravity or stubbornness
or orbital momentum
to draw us back again
you count from 1975
I count from an airplane ride
on the way to San Francisco
window seat                       the clouds
bright behind your hair
you count from a chapel in Huntington Park
I count from holding hands again
tighter                            like we meant it
stopping each other in mid flight

in the sunshine of the Embarcadero

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