Overheard …

Gathering snippets of conversation or thought “overheard” …

This week’s subject … “Thanksgiving (The Holiday)”
Here is my collection from one day … Contribute your “overheard,” especially alternative views of this interesting holiday.

Thanksgiving Sampler 2016
             Voices from Thanksgiving week

– Is your wife cooking for Thanksgiving?
– I bought an eleven-pound turkey.
– Sometimes we have barbeque—one time pulled pork.
– Are you going anywhere?
– He always buys his Thanksgiving meal at Boston Market.
– We would eat twice—once at her parents, once at mine
– Look on your phone for how to thaw out a turkey
– Tamales—Thanksgiving AND Christmas
– Any plans for Black Friday?
– How not to fight at family gatherings
– She’ll be flying down from Portland this morning
– Macy’s is opening at five PM today
– It was the first day we knew for sure that he was gone
– I’m going over to Emmy’s house this afternoon
– We are eating early—her fiancé has to work in the afternoon
– I was so frazzled about the apple pie
– He’s driving up from Boston—should be here by one
– I messed up the first batch of deviled eggs—I had to start all over
– My attempt at gluten-free banana bread came out like bricks
– The turkey got done too early
– Want a beer? Some wine?
– This cranberry sauce is really good
– She and a friend are going to Cocos for lunch
– Pass the mashed potatoes please
– After we eat, we’ll walk around the lake
– My mother would make gravy out of the drippings
– Want to take some of the mashed potatoes home?